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yaani – these guys have been to successful and back and they say they are not done yet!

I have been checking them out for sometime and I have an opinion or two, I think they are great and it may be time to now write somthing real about them.


Work and Drupal

its that time when I start remembering that Ihave not been blogging as much as I had planned to but will improve  . . . . soon!

Been doing lots of stuff with Drupal and I love it, love it, Loooove it!

Give, Drupal is not for the easy hearted but it can work miracles!

Done one major site with it and hoping for a bigger bigger thing.


its been siku mingi

many days have passed since I last made a post but not to give up people.

am still here, still going strong and working hard.

let me see . . .

am working onmy biggest project ever and my best yer.

a trading platform for africa.

something where people can socialize, do business and share.

its coming up nicely.

so far we have the sharing done, the jobs thing is ongoing and soon the business side will be up and running too. We are starting with cars and trading them could be possible as early as this week!

believe with me and keep your eyes open!

i just hope mpesa can get their act together as we do intend to use them lots!

Hear this guy

My company won’t even accept new contracts for PHP anymore, we consider it that badly out of touch with the state of the art as far as web development goes.

The essential problem is that web applications are no longer simple. There was a time when the height of web app complexity was having a pile of includes and finding yourself needing memcached. Today even mid-range sites demand vastly smarter methods of dealing with data.

Web user expectations have risen dramatically as well. Forms must validate and pre-fill intelligently – to do otherwise is basically an unforgivable crime. Long sequences of Click->load->edit->load->response are no longer acceptable, rapid out of band responses, ajax and comet communication, the requirement for effective ORM and a dizzying array of support libraries for everything from RSS consumption to elegant charting has flipped the balance from a need to do primarily HTML, with some application logic, to a complete and dramatic reverse – it is not possible to deliver a modern web app in any kind of competitive timeframe if you’re spending all your time fiddling with HTML, there’s just way too much other stuff to do.

Ruby and Python stepped up to this challenge to a degree that PHP simply never has – and probably never will. There are no PHP frameworks that can hold a torch to Rails or Turbogears – they are a fundamental expression of their respective language platforms with the web as the interface, not a method for generating HTML with a variety of support libraries.

I understand that at this point there will be a pile of old school, die-hard PHP geeks shaking their heads and saying “Hasn’t he heard of Cake or …”. If you haven’t already seen the writing on the wall, there’s probably nothing I can say to convince you. I did PHP commercially for years, but I stopped two years ago when it became clear that times have moved on – just as they did for perl when PHP arrived on the scene.

Change is good, I’m delighted with Turbogears, it takes a clean language and grants it an unparalleled ability to bring a task to the web with a fraction of the code – and a hundred times the readability and manageability – of its nearest competitors on other platforms. I have successfully turned this into a major advantage for my company, and we have been cheerfully stealing contracts out from other firms to the point where we had to boost our price and we still have a month and a half wait time for anyone who wants new work done.

I cannot bring myself to work with PHP code anymore. It feels like going backwards – from a spreadsheet to a calculator, from the ball point pen to the hammer and chisel. Those who sit there cherrypicking features and saying “PHP 6 will have this too!” have no idea how insane they sound. You could write a book with a hammer and chisel too, but the time it would take! and who would even want it? Get moving now people, and shift to a modern platform. Change comes fast and it’s far better to be leading the wave than lost in the wash.

Hell, it’s more fun as well, I can spend my time on the fun, challenging parts of the work rather than mucking around with crap.

– His name is phirate and acn be found @ sitepoint


Kenya top websites – June 2009

  2. East African Standard
  3. [not Kenyan but gets a special mention for taking the search market to new heights may be the only serious competitiong google has faced so far]
  4. – Haiya!
  9. Daily Nation and Sunday Nation
  14. Capital FM 98.4
  15. RICH.CO.KE – Authorised Nairobi Stock Exchange Data Vendor
  18. Best Jobs Kenya
  20. Nyeri Online
  23. University of Nairobi
  26. Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

June is ending

Like we say where I come from – Haiya!

the year is half gone and still not done everything I’d planned to do.

I have almost completely forgotten to be updating the blog and have gotten completely engrossed with work.

Not such a bad thing.

need to spend a little more time with meself off work. Like they said at the sacco meeting.

No need working too hard. Need some healthy balance.

Like some music,  sometime with me swits . . . a concert perhaps?

Work has been great – got blacklisted by google for having viruses on our server but working hard to clear it.

new projects everywhere.

Working on a social networking website that I hope could take the world by storm! still developing – Hope to launch with three modules. One is done. Two are almost done. Other modules can come while we are up and running.

I promise it will be amazing! keep it here.