The homeboys have been around since forever – not a fact you’d recognize by looking at their website. homeboyz.co.ke. its looks like two things
1. It looks like it was designed using Microsoft word – by a learner
2. It is a classic case of how a website design goes to the dogs! see

time to load
the site takes forever to load – like from now till forever plus a little more.  Embeded flash is dead. Nowadays if you even want to lok the least bit knowledgable about what you are doing – you need to do either full flash or o flash. Embedding heavy flash with fuzzy logos at the top is  not OK for  ‘east africa’s leading entertainment provider’.

Gosh! this is criminal!

What part of Mejja’s videos has anything to do with the Homeboyz?? I like the songs and would expect to find them in Calif’s site but what on earth has it got to do with you??

the entire space is ugly- an amalgamation of colours, banners, images and acute ugliness that would make my 8-year-old niece laugh at you! Of course the images take forever to load. I unlikes this.

ZAIN: Zain’s club 20 expired like forever ago

RE-UP: No No No. How about you try some fresh mixes, online only, opmised for web

DJ ACADEMY/ MIX UP: Why put an advert whose wors we can’t read??? Why? why?

Top 5 music and top 10 videos
For starters, the fonts are too small to read. then whose top 5/10 are these songs? where is the link to vote?  what is the movement from last week’s top ten! hapa tunadanganywa!

this is one of the worst designed websites ever. its only advantage is that it is there. Just there!