Like we say where I come from – Haiya!

the year is half gone and still not done everything I’d planned to do.

I have almost completely forgotten to be updating the blog and have gotten completely engrossed with work.

Not such a bad thing.

need to spend a little more time with meself off work. Like they said at the sacco meeting.

No need working too hard. Need some healthy balance.

Like some music,  sometime with me swits . . . a concert perhaps?

Work has been great – got blacklisted by google for having viruses on our server but working hard to clear it.

new projects everywhere.

Working on a social networking website that I hope could take the world by storm! still developing – Hope to launch with three modules. One is done. Two are almost done. Other modules can come while we are up and running.

I promise it will be amazing! keep it here.