Thursday evening – Nairobi – Club Jazz till 1 am.

Friday – woke up late – lunch at Java in Sarit. Gone to Naivasha

Slept at fishermans Camp – in a tent. Drinks till 11pm

Saturday – back to naivasha town.

Breakfast at a nice hotel – next t0 a fish tank that has many beautiful fish and one snail like thing! Then off to Nakuru. Accomodotaion there hs become quite expensive since my last stay!  waterbuck, cathay, bontana  … Wow! stayed at some classic rooms in some place shose name I cant remember. The beds were just perfect! Club dimples – watu bado hufagiliwa na makarao. Taidys was happening like all nairrobi had moved there!

Sunday; hotel breakfast then off to the national park. One of the most beautiful sights there at the baboon hilltop view. A must-go for everyone! Then back to lunch at Taidys and then driven back to Nairobi. Home at eleven!

Monday: Resting, recovering and detoxicating!