It was my burthday last week and a great one it was! I turned 2* … and no am not 28.

Just arrived in the office this morning and work is dropping on my desk like I have a whole team behind it. Lets assume there is and work like it really is. There is a  small team; me, myself and the intern.

So, let see. I have a few things coming this week. First there is a car that was to change hands last weekend [into mine] but the deal fell through. Am hoping I can complete it this week. Then there is a certain development deal that is due for completin tomorrow … and I can’t wait! Then there is another development deal that kept me up till late last night.

I was building a gallery for a client whose project should since since be over. Dynamicdrive.com, I owe you! That photo gallery script is just what I needed! peraps I can buy you a beer sometime … ?

When we complete that later this week – I can expect not to worry too much about my finances! Then there are a few other things in the pipeline that will keep my hand and eyes firmly on my laptop.

Perhaps these are the things they call ‘mammon’?

I have been reading ‘The purpose driven life’ – a most inspirational book. Sorta fell off schedule a week ago. I’m taking that up again this week and trust I’ll be able to make good progress.

Wish me luck!