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I am writing this under my mother’s roof. Somewhere between the Aberdares Ranges and Mount Kenya. My safaricom modem has been super-behaving and am quite pleased at the service am getting. Its actually performing much better than it does back in Nairobi city.

This is where I was born – and part of where I grew up twenty-something-odd years ago. That anniversary is coming around towards the end of next week. This is, therefore, a time for reflection, thanksgiving and planning. Gishagi is Kikuyu for village. but usually it is meant to mean home- as in home where you come from. This is especially the case where one works far from home. If you hear some one saying they are going to gichagi – it doesn’t mean that they are going to visit a village – it means its time to go to That village.

This is my ‘That Village’. I like this place – I know a lot of people here. Some have known my parents longer than I’ve known my parents.

My parents were not born here. There moved here working to develop their careers. Working in the civil service for several decades teaching at te local school. That government money has taken me n me siblings through school and campus. Gave us a roof over our heads and food on our table.

I have countless things to thank the Lord for as I reach this othe milestone in my life.

Am glad that that EDGE  is working like this here, it means that the possibilities for using this technology are quite enormous! But its means  a lot to me today in this place. Am a programmer who soon wants to become an internet entrepreneur. This is what i need.

In other news, the seacom cable reached the east african coast today. it means a lot to east african content developers. perhaps one day speed will not be a factor in developing web applications