Its almost the third month and i have barely done anything on my blog! bad bad bad

Not that  I’ve been doig nothing on the contrary perhaps its the busy-ness that has been keeping me away from this blog.

Jus t noticed that ht e hits have been going up and am quit eglad about that. I, however think that I can do much better – perhaps get up to 500 users per day … Dont ask how many am getting now!

I’ve been working with drupal, building the main application for our organization. I love drupal. its easy and its powerful; two things that you ususallay dont find together.

I’ve also been checking out google’ s Youtube API and loving it lots.

Next I hope to makke a video sharing website that rides on Youtube resources – Mtapenda.

Gotta go now – gotta run some emails on PHP  in IIS. Yes its possible.