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Yes, it has come to that. Drupal.

I didn’t like it; I didn’t want it but I had to get it.

And am likin it more and more everyday. But got stuck on my very first day but am working on it and hoping the supoort is as good as they claim it is.

I think next I’m developing my competence in it and working to be able to build anything I want with it.

First am using it for an upcoming congress.

Next am also using it for our official corporate website

Then am thinking to using it for a news website – a personal husstle of mine.

Thereafter I will decide if it is upto the task of an intranet system that we are considering over here.

The interesting thing is that the templates are not so hard to built. Did one and loved it – even my boss’ boss loved it. I think am up to par on skills in design og templates. Next i’ll be working on adding custom features on drupal. I bet its gonne be great!

Will update on that.