Actually i have no new year resolutions just a lot of code waiting for me to write it.

I have already started … we ar in the third week now!

First Drupal – templating a website that our organisation had paid someone to do. They they did a design with microsoft word and me and the people above me were shocked!!

All that is water under the bridge now and all that has now been forgotten.

A few thank yous from the boss … am gonna make him pay, of course.

Then I decided to updgrad the institutional website to drupal and am loving it and hating it at the same time. drupal is good [the love part]; the website is huge [the hate part].

On the entreprenuer side; am now working onthe deal I expect to be my biggest business venture ever. want to buy into one of the most recognised and respected business online in Kenya today.

Will tell you about it once it goes through.

For now am at the cyber doing my research nicely.