yes it is here and as per expectations – am high.

Yes i am, and to make matters worse better, am in my office making this posting on my blog. It has been a good December, just finished one of my biggest projects and the check should be coming any day now.

Earlier this week we had our annuat unit retreat and I had a chance to interact wiht team members from as far away as Asia – we really are a globa l company!

Back to my main story – am high. am high because the annual end-of-year party is going on as we speak and we are loving it! just jumped back to the office to make a quick call and then jump right back into the party. they are announcing the winners of the raffles now but htere are too many peple who are too high  and they are having to making countless calls.

I want to wish all readers a mery christmas and a successful new year.

Hoping to make new resolutions this end of year. I didn’t make none last year. Don’t know why!

Nest year i pray that God bless the work of my hands. that he give me the grace to gain wealth. i pray for grace and glory. That God will give me his grace that the devil qill have nothing over me. that he will give me his glory that I may shine bright.

hope to make my first million. Hope to make my first foray out of the continent. I thank you lord becuase of the promises you ahce given me.

looking back; it has been a great year. I switched jobs in october and am settling in quite nicely. This was hte year that God really really blessed me financially and personally.

  • bought my laptop
  • got the job I hoped to get in two years time
  • got my driving licence
  • moved out – into my own house
  • made my first six digit salary
  • made my first six-digit deal

even as I end the year I ahve so much to thank God for

  • that i know him and fear him
  • that I know that am not perfect
  • that i have a good girl that we love one another
  • that my family relations are ok
  • that I dont have debts
  • that am healthy and full of good cheer
  • that I know that this list cannot be exhaustive.

it has been well. its gonna get better.

am looking forward to the best year that God has for me next; followed by an even ore blessed year.

Lord iu [pray that I may know you.