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ZUQKA.COM Reviewed

Given it was the first website in Kenya to be advertised ont he front page of the country’s leading newspaper. that is a success for all of us web industry professionals.

So i’ve been checking it out there really isn’ t much to say  for zuqka.com

First – it went down in its very first day – imagine that! and wiht the advertisng on the front page of the nation daily newspaper and a 16-page pullout! I bet the manager at nation who negotiated the deal is in hot water as we speak.

Then its stayed down for some days. Sorry no screen shots but we all got to know that they use the Centos Operationg system whose websites is bla bla bla and support can be acquired from  …..

It gets scary when even the place holder crashes. The messsge they had that “This party is not yet started; leave your email and we will inform you when it starts”. even that crashed!!

Now it seems that their party has strated and well … there isn’t much to it. They have made an interesting implementation of drupal with the blogging module and an aggregator from blogs that has a tendency to loeave you hanging. That, not nice!

Content might become a serious issue for these guys. Its will be really really difficult to convince the Nation Media group to let them host their content. Most companies have very serious policies on hosting of content and I cant wait to see what options Zuqka will explore. The other option is to agregate from feeds all over the place and that raises countless issues. they will have to link to the source of the feeds – the blogs, news sites etc. That lowers their page rank. They will post content that has been previosly been posted elsewhere on the web and that will build the profile of the original poster of the content.

i think zuqka will find it hard to compete with haiya.co.ke.

I think that natioon is already thinking about how to implement its own Zuqka.com alternative.