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yes it is.

check this out:


I checked out that guy’s links and what he got is pretty different from what I went through. The suffering is the same though … as is the lack of commitment to helping

For those from mars, in Kenya, less than 2% of us have visa credit  cards. Am not in the top 2% and therefore I don’t have one. if i was in the top 2% I’d not be looking for service from hostgator but rather sun bathing in the Caribbean. If you want to make a payment online – you use a payment service provider who gives you a ridiculous exchange rate and then charges you a direct 15% premium. but if you hope to make your cash online – you just have to to the line.

this guy waited ton the line for nine minutes [cross-Atlantic call]  – we should have a beer together; I waited for seven

So I go ahead and call HostGator and get the next piece of good news…it’s a minimum seven-minute wait to talk to a customer service rep


To cut long story short – the payment was made and I was able to log in easy. and then transferred two of my domains. Come the next day and the hosting account had been suspended. So I spent the day calling them – ‘confirming my account’ Couldn’t they have required confirmation prior to setting up the account? did I do something to make me require ‘confirmation’. Ii promise you that you don’t want to know the price of calling US of A from a mobile in Kenya!  the hustle became to long and i had to re-order.

this time the order went through but now three months later, the account has been suspended again. no email, no communication from hostgator – just get the hell out here! Needless am disappointed by them and sort of hate the fact that I had to go to them in the first place!

The best deal in the world isn’t worth it if the support is the worst in the world!

So, as I sit here, my account is still suspended and hostgator is still not talking to me.