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Confession – I have never met this guy, actually never seen him play but since I have been made to listen to him – I may just as well make a post about it.

I have been following the work of this dj for some time now and think it appropriate since I lend him my ear at least thrice every week. I hear him in matatus as i head home in the evenings or as I come to work in the morning – apparently the drivers and conductors of public transport where I come from consider him a guru in arts of public entertainment.

I beg to differ – over the last year – I think I have seen DJ kalonje transform from a kid who has nothing to his name but borrowed vcds to a fairly … acceptable .. mixmaster.

Mixing skills  [7 out of 10]
there has been great improvement in the quality of his mixes. At least the beats dont clash anymore! I still hold one of his mixes in my archives on examples of how-not-to-mix! But this morning I heard his mix of Jah Watchman’s club anthem and R Kelly’s Burn it up – I had to admit that his fingers are not quite as shaky! You can always tell a real dj by his ability to cue a single, remixing it on the fly and something little I call re-beating where the dj remixes the whole sample by juggling a single beat. DJ Lastborn is perfect at this. Dj kalonje is learning nicely.

Music selection [6 out of 10]
Not much to write home about his selection of music. Not much to complain either. It is just there!

MC [5 out of 10]
Saying that you are the “youngest dj in East Africa” doesn’t sound very attractive for anyone who has been more than a year out of high school! I doubt it sounds good even to those who are currently in primary school. I love dj Adrian’s ‘your favourite dj’s favourite dj!’ that is one smasher of a line! I hope dj kalonje reads this so if you have any suggestions please post them here.

Video [5 out of 10]
The five point are only for they syncing that has been attempted [with some success] in recent releases. Other wise, like all Kenyan video mixers [except blackstar entertainment @ citizen tv] the video is wack to say the least and the mixing has have been done with scissors or a hacksaw. Video editors know what I mean.

Part of it is not his fault – videos available in the Kenyan market are Wack! But is that an excuse to …. can’t you try some creativity. Words that don’t keep popping! remove the adverts and please please please do not make a video transition last more than five seconds. Your transitions are torture!!!

Anyhow, Dj kalonje – I believe you can.

If you grow by another 150% in the next six months I promise to like you!