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So I’ve been away for a week!

its been that long?

yes it has.

Sorry bwana – niliwakosa sana. Mpo vipi?

Actually, i never left

been online all this time but tied with assignments projects and idling on facebook.

that is solved now.

I have suspended my facebook account.

yes I have!

Instead of always watching my back at the office … facebook  should be illegal anyway …

so I’ve left facebook tou join … YOU!

Isn’t that nice?

by the way I have been working on wordpress – crazy sh*t if there ever was.

But it was great and i should be doing very well very soon. – financialy.

Yaani, tear wordpress apart and put it back together- wiht exceptional user features – with an additional custom-made content management system integrated.

Also did some work with SMF [simple machines forums] – setting up  a custom template to go with a matching wordpress magazine theme.

So you see, I’ve been quite busy – by my love for my peeps is there still.

nest i wat to creat a directory with coursers. different institutions – similar and same and different courses. then ratings, searches, advertising, subscriptions and some nice profits!!

i’ll make some wordpress tutorials soon – when there is time.

I’m loving it more and more each time.

I am thinking I should change my biz website to wordpress! yes I know we work great together. I wanted to redo it full flash but after seeing the whale hunt i thought … who has the time? But if I get one hot client I promise to do one for the fans.

i am now having an ongoing affair with ASP. yes I know she is bad but sice 90% of computers inthe world run windows … please understand. But I’ve set up all our servers to also run PHP. Connecting to ms sql erver is more sh*t but i hacked it with ODBC!

gotta go now.

nawapenda wo!