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I am rebuilding an application that had been done on ASP and the only thing that I’d claim to be enjoying is learning new tricks the hard way.

But yes, I am one of those people who enjoy some good old thinking everything and I really can complain. First, am connecting with ODBC which is a little slow and can give you some timeouts if you are not careful.

Come to think of it; am delighted to learn that you can create a view in MS SQL server and then query that view in your code! For the uninitiated. A view is a query. If you don’t know what a query is you may want to read another post. You can store that query and then pick from it in your code. make another query from it.

The things I can do with this thing are endless!!!

Am already thinking about caching huge user databases. Syncing with domain controllers for users and the possibilities are endless. … and they can result in some amazing applications. Bill Gates may not have been the worst wolf after all.

But besides that, I still think that much more could have been done to make IIS a friendlier application development environment for develiopers. Lie microsoft would have spent some time making developer resources available and allowing developers to connect easily to databases of their choice!!

Any how, me thinks that the time is right to delve in to ASP too; particularly ASP.NET 2.0. SAm still using IIS and think that it would be too much of a hassle to move all my million and one applications to ASP 3.5 right away. That means going to class in January for that MCP[Microsoft Certified Programmer] that I have been thinking about – especially now that I work in an office where theh boss can pay for it … mhmhm.

which reminds me – that application I was building may not be getting built after all.

Am the dj sho’s been told to stop his music. Gotta call the boss