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The battle for Kenya’s growing internet traffic is hotter than ever before. Companies with huge spending budgets are threatening to change the way online business goes down in Kenya. haiya.co.ke is one case in point. There is not much change but its coming i can see the clouds and the crowds.

This ranking considers only one thing – Hits. We don’t care if you look like Cecilia Mwangi or like Pamela Jelimo. Just one thing – Do you have the fans? Here are Kenya’s top eighteen websites for the last thirty days.

  1. nation.co.ke – The change from nationmedia.com to nation.co.ke briefly sent the media house’s primary website tumbling in the charts but it has recovered nicely since then. The design looks like wordpress. Yes! I said it. WordPress. the urls are very unique but they could be friendlier. The addition of user comments is a great idea that should have been brought in eons ago.
  2. eastandard.net – Kenya’s other daily newspaper. A change of CMS and an improved template has only worked to keep them a stable number two. Understandable considering who they are fighting with. Please ask posta pay to return the space they grabbed on your banner since …. two templates ago.
  3. haiya.co.ke – New by East Africa Magazines ltd. Evidence that internet marketing actually works. They have invested load in advertising their website on Google and certain other advertising networks. And this is the fastest entry to the top five ever! Congrats people. I hope that the cash investment shows on the returns.
  4. rich.co.ke – This is the home of all investing Kenyans. reviews, prices and updates. I still haven’t figured out how this guy makes his money!  Googleads?
  5. stockskenya.com – The old home of stocks reviews, prices and updates second to Rich.co.ke but still and impressive top-five contender.
  6. bdafrica.com – Another nation media website. The business daily has the best search appearance of any news site in Kenya. Business information
  7. accesskenya.com – Your are Kenya’s official corporate ISP. I give you that. Is the traffic regular web visitors or its your regular clients monitoring their internet connection graphs?
  8. strathmore.edu – Catholic sponsored Strathmore is showing strong. The only university with an MIT opencourseware mirror this side of civilization. i have to warn you though, if you do not upgrade soon UONBI will zoom past you!
  9. uonbi.ac.ke – Good to see the university of Nairobi showing up here. There could be hope for Kenya universities after all! The recent design update is lovely! The place for that other design – which you have graciously removed is … There is no space for such design int he top Ten!! Congrats ICTC.
  10. drum.co.ke – East Africa magazines ltd has Kenya best magazines stable and they are taking them online with a bang!
  11. brightermonday.com – jobs – There are a whole bunch of Kenyans enjoying Brighter Mondays because of you. Congrats
  12. kenya-airways.com – Online ticketing, online payments, unlimited budget for the site .. it’s criminal for you to miss out on the top ten! But the Again – i hear the fuel prices have been unfair on you. I sish you better prices ahead.
  13. richlive.co.ke – Rich.co.ke stocks prices Live on your computer. Need I say more? The best thing since … well … rich.co.ke! Am lovin’ it!
  14. popotewireless.co.ke – Why am I suspecting you for routing your internet clients through your website?
  15. nse.co.ke – Dear NSE, I am sorry about your misfortunes. I hear it has not been well with you and your cousins from abroad have infected you with a strange disease. I trust you will all get well soon. especially your cousin NYSE – I was really worried about him. Hope you have recieved comfort from your many visitors. Your greatest gift is of course allowing others to sell your data. I hope you get better soon. Your trully, Investor.
  16. bestjobskenya.com jobs – doing good as always. but consider partnerships in the coming months else mtashindwa! Tot a threat, but a promise.
  17. campusvybe.com – Campus – News views and information and campus life in Kenya. Not recommended for people below eighteen years. Totally unsuitable for anyone above 24. Hope that either a) the site is mirrored ont he campuses or b) internet speeds have tremendously improved since we left campus. Where is your sister site: mwafrika.com? Intrepid is making both of ya look good!
  18. royalmara.com – This campsite website traffic may be party because it was featured recently on SouthAfrica’s leading broadcasting channel – SABC. Kudos for being the first tourist camp on this list ever.

So there you have it. Kenya’s top eighteen websites. Did I miss anything? Hola!

If you have any predictions for december – sema hapa!