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As the world turned it spotlights on Rwanda after 1994 genocide  and created a seemingly successful State on the surface to purge its guilt, the enemy took off and inhabited the vast Congo. This great nation have suffered the aftermath of that infamous event more painfully than the Rwandese and the world will ever dare to accept.

CNN’s Anderson Coopers called it the deadliest conflict since the world war two. Within the last ten years more than five million people have been massacred and masses uprooted from their homes depending
with the UN for their livelihood. It attracted the largest UN, 18,000 strong peacekeeping mission in history but who are unfortunately toothless in the face of Nkundas 4000 army.

The women and children have suffered most in this war. One of the latest victims reportedly being treated in an Eastern Congo hospital is Sifa M’Kitambala. “They just cut her at many places,” Dr. Mukwege explains. Sifa was pregnant, but that didn’t stop her rapists. Armed with a machete, they even cut at her genitals.

My Professor from USIU stated in his thesis that Congo will not see peace at least not in our life time because the stakes are too high for the West to let go. This is bad news for us. As president Kagame
trade accusations with President Kabila over issues that are rather obvious on who funds General Nkunda our people continue to suffer.

To us these people have names and faces. We have posed for photos with them, they have cooked for us and we have slept in their houses. They are indeed our brothers and sisters. Anytime i get a distressed
private call with a code +243 my eyes tears up. Some of them may not be in harms way but the desperate tones tells the whole story. These are cries of mature men whose hope of  giving their children a decent
education in our current globally competitive  world gets slimmer as the guns shots grow louder in their neighborhood.

This complicates the story for the pygmies in the forest outskirts. As we prepare to launch a Book written by Samuel Muraguri  (M Div)” The pygmy World” on 5th December it will be a time of reflection for us at
Mission Base Initiative  and our partners and friends. The hope of this great country will not come from their troubled neighbors since they have rational selfish interests too. It will be a time to re-evaluate the magnitude of our interventions and the solutions that our message provides.A time to rethink Kenya’s position and its mandate in this region. The body of Christ must arise on all fronts and seek for
a sustainable solution to this rich but poor country, who have the capacity to light up the whole of Africa but suffers the worst black outs ever, whose teachers haven’t seen a salary in the last ten years and whose police survives on ‘donations’ from minor offenders and well wishers.

We long for a time when we shall see this conflict come to an end. It is an anathema to our continent and a shame to the Western powers and their mineral savvy TNC’s and their cronies amongst us. It was refreshing to hear President Kibaki talk tough and promising that a military intervention is an option. I urge us brethren to use all means including Lobbying our government so that they may come up more strongly  and assume our privileged position and status in the region to help these people. It may be expensive but worth it both as the people of God fulfilling our mandate and our nation performing its moral duty to its troubled neighbors.


The writer Works with Mission Base Initiative – a religious organistation with help efforts in the DRC