Whats the hottest thing in america right now? Young Kenyan men. It just has to be. I bet that young kenyan men are the must-have thing for updated American women right now. He could get you a son that could be president- you know!

We [young Kenyan men] owe Barack Obama senior a huge huge thank you for this – in fact i hve no doubt that there are countless things that will make it easier to move many more young kenyan men to America.

Imagine being a young kenyan man in America right now …

  1. You can claim to be obama’s cousin anytime
  2. You have potential -that is a proven fact
  3. you know the American president has a place in his heart for people from your country [kenya]
  4. your son could be president!
  5. you can be president
  6. you can marry white
  7. every young American woman would be interested to be the president’s mum

feel free to continue the list.

I so love being a kenyan man right now!