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Our culture is being put on auction by the Leakey family at the price of Shs 20,000 [$250] and its available for all to buy, destroy and make a profit.

The three clume book may wel be the most comprehensive culture summary of any trib in Africa. Well, it should be considering how much energy and resources were put into it.

Leakey, L. S. B. (Louis Seymour Bazett), 1903-1972 considered himself a kikuyu and was able to join the tribe go up through the ranks until he became a second grade elder.  His research was funded by a historical society in Englad and made possible by the positive reception he recieved fromt he kikuyu elders at the time. Some of the elders had been born in the first half of the nineteenth century.

i have not had access to it as I still believe that I should not support peoplemaking huge profits from auction the culture of the Kikuyu; selling that which they didn’t pay for.

Carolyn M. Clark made a review of Leakye’s work and gave it a generally positive recommendation. SHe also raised foundamental issues in the way leakey did his reserach, the reliability of his sources etc. One of the issues that comes out very clearly in her review in the vested-interested of the sources.

Leakey admits that he used old men as his sources and their unity in bargaining for their own interests in soe issues must not be overlooked. In issues affecting communal ceremonies they are steadfast in declaring their rights/benefits in terms of animals, offerings which were the currency at that time.

itwika is a social-political event that ought to take place every forty years or thereabout when the olde generation is suposed to hand over power to the new generation. The old men went as far as to quote the price they expected to recieve form the next genereation when it became their time to redeem the land.

I still dont thnk leakey acquired the right to acquire this knowledge. I also dont believe that his offspring earned the right to profit from it. [$250] is to much money to buy for something that is already yours!