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Google’s recent investment in up and coming mobile service provider Mobile Planet is nothing to be ignored. Though it is unlikely to lead to an overhaul of the whole industry it will definitely raise the stakes in the messaging industry.

First though, South Africans are still reeling from the news that Google chose to build its African headquarters here rather than in their country! Google is not the first to do so – It comes after coca cola, Hilton, Celtek and countless other conglomerates that are increasing calling Nairobi home.

it has been suggested that it is not so much about ht existing infrastructure as to access to unlimited access to coffee plantations. lol. everyone knows that programmers practically live on coffee. For those from Pluto – Kenya produces the world’s best coffee.

So what opportunities does this provide for it-savvy entreprenuers in kenya?

  1. recognition in this blog, the Google blog and a million others
  2. cash investments for venture capitalist s who take Google’s lead as a show of confidence in this market
  3. technology down-flow from Google to all of us

Celtel on the other hand is sitting on a gold mine I can’t imagine the effect of a money transfer service across … is it fifteen African countries? This potential is what is making google makeĀ  specific investment in kenya in personel, technology and marketing. I have been seeing them at technology meets all over the place.

This then brings to the other point – Digital colonisation.

  1. Is it possible?
  2. is it happening?
  3. is it good?
  4. How far should we let it go?
  5. Who are the digital home-guards?