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As I write this- it is twenty minutes past midnight- I have been working on connection my laptop to the internet via my samsung SGH E250. its not easy – especially if you have some knowledge in IT and you think you can just hack it!

The speeds are not bad.

Speedtest.net tells me that am doing 63kbps down and 17 kbps down. Considering that my house has practically no network, this is a miracle. I hope to get the safaricom modem over the weekend and will be keeping you updated on the comparison.

My phone has EDGE and theoretically it should be able to do 496 kbps in theory. Guess I’ll need to do some tree climbing before I can get that speed! wish me luck …

The main reason I wanted to get this internet connection was so that i could keep up my research an learning web stuff and also to make some money by developing some solutions for some people. I am a web enthusiast; php programmer being forced into asp and loving it. Been doing a lot of IIS of late, transferred an intranet that has more subsites than I care to count. You can imagine me – used to the beauty and strength of php and being fed on asp/x!

IIS is complicated – among those things that are soooo windows: application pools for ASP1 ASP2 and then for ASP# I need to get the latest IIS 7. who will help yours trully in setting up the websites, subdomains etc? your bet is as good as mine.

now as for the safaricom modem; they are selling me 1mb of data at ksh. 8. the monthly post paid acouont has kshs 4 to the mb but the smallest package sets you back kshs 1000. there are several factors for me

1. the reliability of hte connection

2. freedom to opt out at any time

3. network strength – everyone knows how the motherland is. hills and valleys. some places in he old times were measured by the number of ridges to be crossed. i still remember a place. not far from Mugoiri girls high school.

tomorrow am going for a burial. my mother’s lat born sister recently passed away and we are meeting tomorrow to lay her body to rest. Was to travel with my cousin but apparently his car is full. This is where procrastination gets back at me. I have been planning to do a driving course for the last year but have never gotten to it. now I’d be safe in the knowledge that my transi is catered for.

There it is my first new post with the safaricom connection. Am loving it. gotta go now. eat and sleep.