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The political landscape is becoming hotter and hotter. And I think it is for all the proper reasons; Now William Ruto has said that he is ready to resign if there is appropriate evidence that he was inolved in planning and executing the post election violence. Which other evidence does he want apart from the written and reseached evidence of a respected judge of the court of appeal? Who else should give evidence against Ruto for him to accept the truth?

I have seen a section of the report that lists the members of parliament who planned and executed the post election violence. Here it is:

(1) the late hon. Lorna laboso former odm mp, sotik constituency.
(2) the late hon. David kimutai too former odm mp, ainamoi constituency.
(3) the late hon. Kipkalya kones former odm mp, bomet constituency.
(4) hon. William ruto odm mp, eldoret north constituency.
(5) hon. Franklin bett odm mp, bureti constituency.
(6) hon. Boaz kaino odm mp, marakwet west constituency.
(7) hon. Sally kosgey odm mp, aldai constituency.
(8) hon. Fred kapondi odm mp, mt. Elgon constituency.
(9) hon. Henry kosgey odm mp, tinderet constituency.
(10) hon. William ole ntimama odm mp, narok north constituency.
(11) hon. Omondi anyanga, odm mp, nyatike constituency.
(12) hon. John pesa odm mp, migori constituency.
(13) hon. Ramadhan kajembe odm mp, changamwe constituency.
(14) hon. Najib balala odm mp, mvita constituency.
(15) hon. Chris okemo, odm mp, nambale constituency.
(16) hon. Elizabeth ongoro odm mp, kasarani constituency.
(17) hon. Uhuru kenyatta, pnu mp, gatundu north constituency.
(18) hon. Kabando wa kabando, pnu mp, mukurueni constituency.
(19) hon. Stanley githunguri, pnu mp, kiambaa constituency.
(20) hon. Peter mwathi pnu mp, limuru constituency.

I cannot believe that the list above is 100% authentic but I believe it.

I think Justice Waki is the first Kenyan commission chairman to actually do his job. With that he has exceeded he expectations of amny a kenyan. Waki has done his part and now the best we can do for ourselves now is to help ourselves by executing justice effectively and efficiently without fear or favour. Ruto should be investigated and like any other kenyan made to pay for his sins. he should not be crying wolf even before most Kenyans have had a chance to read the whole report.

Many Kenyans died in the post election skirmishes and that culture of impunity must not  be allowed to continue. Perhaps Ruto ordered the killings with the expectations that they wold be forgotten and that they would another day and go and kill a few more people. Someone must rise up and say NO.

The Waki report is, however, not perfect. It fails on the application of the post election remedies to the wider causes of the violence. Hope you all know that this is NO LONGER a country for Africans.

  1. Kenyans are the most receptive people int he world [they are ever receptive to foreign cultures]
  2. there are places that a black Kenyan cannot go to. in this category are countless ranches that do no accept Kenyan tourists, restaurants and of course private game parks
  3. less than 10% of Kenya is actively farmed
  4. some of the white farmers who were kicked out Zimbabwe have set up camp in kenya
  5. Kenyan land – iko na wenyewe
  6. Kenyan agriculture has its owners [africans make about 10 bob ker kilo of coffee/tea while white middle men -dormans, williamson, unilever, brokebond and others make hundreds pere kilo]
  7. Indians are taking over the Kenyan business landscape – construction, development, farming, retail, electricity, telecommunications

Do you know that out of all the construction going on in Kenya 90% is Indian, 5% is Kikuyu and the rest is for the rest of Kenyans. imagine if we kicked out the Indians from this country – there would be so much more left for us to share. I do not propose us taking over private property but I think Africans must demand their own place in their own continent. Giving away our own properties and wealth to foreigners is not the best ting that we can do for the motherland.

  1. how  many Kenyans own plots in India?
  2. how many Kenyans have contracts to supply the government of India?
  3. how many Kenyans have contracts to supply the military of India?
  4. How many Indian companies have given good fortunes to Kenyans- as in Kenyans have grown through the levels and gone into management and ownership?

There is the other thing that I have been seeing in kenyan society. MODERN SLAVERY.

Have you seen some old mzees who have worked for indians alltheir lives and the mzees keep geting thinner and thinner. I think there is a spiritual connectiona that binds the mzees to work for their bosses forever and that spirituall colonialism is something that we must stop. Hope you ahve already seen the speaker’s seat at the kenyan parliament. it was donated to kenya by the government of India. it has a snake on either side. i think that seat is a totem – a physical item thrug which the government is bound to the indians. It needs to be thrown out and burned.

Financially the slavery is executed by paying the person just enough to keep him around. something to eat and some hope that one day things will be better. Alternatively reminding that person often that you can do without them anytime. that they should kiss your boots or be ready to disappear.

Economically – i think Kenya as a country cannot afford to keep entertaining them Indians. i saw a report some time back that showed how much the UK government was spending on immigrants inclusive of direct cash input as well as rebates, concessions etc compared to how much the UK government was making from the migrants in terms of fees, taxes [private and biz] etc. the report was able to conclude that the UK government was a profit of a out 1.6 billion pound from the immigrants. I wish someone could do a similar report for Kenya.

There are many problems in kenya and some of them are that there is not much wealth to go round. to much of it has already been stolen by indians and whites. Too much of it only has room for farm hands and cleaners. too many politicinas have been compromised to become part of those who fight against the african.

There is need for a change.