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Just leant that there is a font called mskenyan – alegedly. Never heard of it.

According to this website, there are some mad americans who want other americans to believe that Obama was born inKenya. ANd theyknow thathow? The birth certificate has an mskenyan font! Puh-li-eaze!!

let me be a Kenyan politician for a minute.

That was not me. I was misquoted! and that party has no association with this one.

Speaking of websites, Obama has totally changed the way elections will ever be done across the world. he has bronght a new meaning to mobilising citizens. His website is way beyond expections. his website clearly outshines that of his Republican rival John McCain.

let usforthe sakeof posterity discuss what there is on the his website that you love – or hate.

You can try rank it on the following criteria:

  1. graphic design
  2. Usability
  3. Relevance
  4. Speed
  5. Content.

Let me know how many marks you award it.