What do kenyans want? that is the question that should be in everyones’s mouth. Instead they are thinking- waht do kenyan politicins want. Alternatively should we make all of them deaf and mute?

Perhaps yes, perhaps no. I have been able to get my hands on a 500 page document called the Waki Report. There is so much oppsotion to the Waki report perhaps because it tells us the truth that we are too sahamed to hear.

Waki may be the first senior kenyan politicioan who was sent to do a joband he actually did it. YOu sent him to do a report hoping that he would ask you waht you wanted written in that report instead he goes and does his own thing – totally unafrican. where is waki’s respect for his leader? wher eis waki’s loyalty tot he status quo? those are possible ustions int he head of an old-school thinking african.

kenyans owe Wakia thank you.

  1. Thank you for finishing the report on time
  2. Thank you for making th report public
  3. Thank you for not seeking an extension
  4. Thank you for going round the country collecting information
  5. thanking for the report
  6. thank you for truth
  7. thank you for making the recommendations
  8. thank you for being fair
  9. thankyou for not being used bysome against others
  10. thak you for the narations

perhaps kenya will now be a better place. Let it be know that you cannot kill people and walk away. Let it be known that you cannot destroy a whole nation,. you can chat some people sometime. You can cheat all the people sometime. You cannot cheat all the people all the time.

Impunity could be the worst thing that can happen to kenya. people doing what they want; when they want so long as they can shout.

No no no!

There should be cases in court; then we can discuss forgiveness. lakini hiyo blanket amnesty – hapana!