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I’d started talking about the Kenya commercial Bank website. It sucks. Here is my take

That thing on the left side … What is that? It is dirty and lacks direction. I.e. there are no links to follow up the stories [banners] on that. How many people know what the kcb foundation is and  where is the link to a page that has that information? KCB you are bringing beraucracy online and we will not stand and take it.  Online beraucracy ; is the art of using your webpage to make people line up only to be told to go to an alternative queue [link]. That is prime real estate that you should use to persuade potential visitors to become clients – not to give them your own understanding of beraucracy.

Alternatively youcan lese that space to me. would that be check or cash?

Branding – Colours
Last time I checked KCB corporate colours were navy blue and green. Has that changed? I don’t think so. I still see it in their adverts, their posters – especially those for the new system. The website has no navy blue. There is only green and white. And a huge irregular white space right at the middle of the banner! The green is a attractive but its too much. They should have used a different shade or texture in the backgrounds. Something to make the webpage pop out. Right now the page fades into the background. A gray or navy blue with texture would have been amazing.

The banner flash.
Too slow. That is what preloaders are for!

Click here to download the form, then print it out, fill it in and then send it to any of our branches or use DHL. Lets assume am stupid for one minute. I think I’d not want to go beyond the print it out blab bla bla. Why cant people fill it in online and then go and sign at the branch when the documents are ready???

That website needs to offer and receive information from the customers. The only form there is the contact us form that has … wait for it … Nothing!

Electronic banking

They say:
Sometimes there seems not to be enough time in the day to do some of your banking. That why KCB is making easier for you, with a range of services with the objective of saving you time and ultimately giving you the banking convenience that you want. You can now access your money, account details and transaction or send money more conveniently than before.
My answer:
Where is the actual electronic banking.? Where do I click? How fast can I send money? There is a link I love. Login here. Alternatively: Not Registered: Register here.

All in All

There is nothing on the kcb website that would make anyone want to become their client. They don’t have the ‘selling line’

Design 4/10
E-commerce 2/10
Information Architecture 6/10
Interactivity 2/10
Content 5/10
Usability 3/10