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Former Budalang’i MP Raphael Wanjala and Ms Joyce Akinyi.

The Budalang’i MP wants the Government to make an effort to have a former minister arrested in India returned. Mr Ababu Namwamba, yesterday urged the Government to consult with Indian authorities on former Assistant minister Raphael Wanjala’s fate –  he of ‘I am a very important person’!.And the woman is some Luo bimbo. One of the properties is DEEPWEST NIGHTCLUB in Nairobi west!

“I have pleaded Wanjala’s case with the Minister for Foreign Affairs Moses Wetangula and I hope the Government will be in a position to intervene “The Government should offer any necessary assistance to the former Assistant Minister and his woman friend because they are Kenyan citizens,” said Ababu, who ousted Wanjala in the last General Election.

Wanjala and Ms Joyce Akinyi, the woman at the centre of a divorce and property wrangle with her Nigerian husband, were arrested in New Delhi, India last week. Namwamba said he held talks with the minister to ensure their safe return.He argued that despite the magnitude of the offence, the two should be tried in their own country.

Budalang’i residents said they were concerned with the conduct of the former MP. “Why is he going around with a married woman yet he has two wives? Although we appeal to the Government to help him, he is letting us down as a community,” said Mr Corneli Sebe, a resident. However, family members at Wanjala’s rural home in Budalang’i remained tight-lipped over his fate.

The Bimbo; Akinyi has been accusing the husband of criminal activities in Kenya. What akinyi is not aware of is that she stands to loose everything if she persists on criminalising her husbands activities. The law is very clear on proceeds of crime, they are forfeited to the state period. So if Chinedu is a drug dealer, and there is evidence that he used drug money to invest in Kenya, then it should all go to the state. Akinyi can also be considered as an accomplice ‘aiding and abetting’ she could also be facing jail time. What the couple should settle for is an amicable divorce and splitting of property otherwise they will both be losers. plus its impossible for a wife to testify against the husband.