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Kenya Commercial Bank has been losing it. Last year made a mockery of web design by making a website that takes us many many years back. Perhaps KCB should just have said that they lack the resources or know-how to create an online service that would add any value to any of their clients.

But before we get there. Something more ‘real’ first. I was there sometime back [Moi Avenue branch] and the lights were blinking like disco lights! I almost couldn’t believe it but it was happeneding right before my eyes.

Now, the shocking thing is not the lights; everyone knows that Kenyans don’t need light to find their cash. Actually most Kenyans are afraid to even count their money in broad daylight. Kenny Rogers said in his song The Gambler, never count your money on the table. Kenyans take that a little too seriously!

Back to Kenya commercial bank – the worst thing was that every time the electricity blinked the computers would go off! That is to mean that there were no UPS system installed and the much I know about hardware is that that is already a disaster only we have not discovered it. Every time a computer is not properly shut down it get errors in the registry, in the information it was processing and sometimes even the hard disck can crash.

I just stood in the line with my check clutched between my hands and wondered what on earth I was doing there. But since I am too lazy to switch banks, I stood there and waited. The blinking continued for at least a quarter of an hour. Can you imagine the biggest banking hall ion Kenya going black in the middle of the day? I couldn’t but I saw it. And some other people on the line were shocked too. Some were expecting a manager to show up with an explanation but wapi? At least I knew what to expect.

Is that the same way they are treating their servers?

Because if they are they must be much more lucky than Oj simpson. But fate catches up with you … eventually.

I also have an issue with the way they are installing he new core banking system. Public announcements, press releases, posters all over the place … kwani is this new banking system available for sale? What are we supposed to do after knowing that Kenya commercial is installing a new banking system? Hold celebration??? Shouled we invite them traditional dancers?

Installing the system is a bedroom issue that KCB should put on a need to know basis. They should spend more energy on backing up data and marketing the value-added-services that will accrue from the new system.

This Oduor Otieno person is too showy! Which other bank has ever had so much fanfare for a new banking system? Ama is it an election … Unless …

I’ll tell you about the website later but so far I know it should never have seen the light of day.