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Friday ten pm found me on a bus heading towards Mombasa. It was great and slow too. I didn’t know that the Chinese had been doing such a bad job though they already have done a nice job. Yaani that part between South C and Mlolongo is terrible. But most of the rest – all the way had mwambao is perfect! Not a single pothole just open skies and endless road.

Arrived at Mtitio Andei to find that all of Nairobi was going to coasto. Even met some people from way … way back.

But that was just the beginning.

Turns out that local tourism is the big thing. Big Time! There were Kenyans all over the place just having fun, touring everywhere. For me it was all the more exciting because it was the first time I’ve taken myself on such a long journey without there being some relatives involved! I think I love it!

So it was that we arrived at Mombassa just as the sun was coming up and booked ourselves to a nice little guest house. Then there was this conversation.

Person 1: I just want to take a shower and sleep for just two hours

Person 2: Sleeping. We aint come here for no sleeping

Person 3: Sleeping? Couldn’t you have done that in Nairobi?

Activity matrix:

Arrival > Shower > Streets > food > swimming > food > drink > streets > a little bit more of the same in no defined order.

There are those who literally passed out on the bus on the way back!

First was some biashara for me during which I got lost and found myself in Bamburi. Many kilometers away from Buxton here I was originally supposed to be. Buxton pronounced bastani … or something like that.


Lambada is a drink and dance club in Mtwapa and if you have the right company it can be the bomb of your trip to coast.

Life in Mombasa is generally slow. There are always people seated on the streets chatting, chewing miraa. There is always a lost tourist etc.


So me and me swits go to this place to buy ice cream strawberry na vanilla kama kawaida. Sasa there is no strawberry plain – kuna strawberry with three different sub-flavors. Not seen that in Nairobi yet. Also three different vanilla creams. It was soooo sweeet!


I almost ended up not swimming. That would have been quite unfortunate. Thank God it didn’t happen. The first day – I lost my friends hooking up with another old friend at her place of employment. Had the offer to swim one of coast’s best swimming places but bila company I’d better be on the public side with me peeps.

That reminds me to reschedule my swimming classes. Mmhmhm

Full Federation

Full federation can be found at the café near Coast Bus booking office. Its best to go upstairs. Full federation is a platter of rice, beef, stew, spaghetti and chips. One serves two but the plate is so big as to be easily embarrassing! But I should tell you at this point that there was no left overs on our table. No pointing fingers but the guilty ones – tunajijua.

Then its back to work and people are talking standards. That is my on my desk this morning. IT standards.

Geek food anyone?