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First a joke:

Two Kenyans were listening to their transistor radio when they heard the news presenter announcing that the American space shuttle Discovery had landed on the moon. Unfazed, one of the Kenyans retorted: “That is nothing. We Kenyans, we will go to the Sun

Amazed, the other Kenyan asked: “But how? You cannot approach the Sun! Haven’t you heard what happened to Icarus, Daedalus’ son?”

“No sweat. We will not approach the Sun at its scorching best. We will go at night!”

Okay – fine!

Now to some job stuff.

I have just come from a review meeting of our company’s website and we are planning how to upgrade it. We had invited a consultant and she was there to explain her report.
I think I should be writing a few things about web strategy in the coming months and hope you will be there to hear it.

First I was checking out Kenya’s top ten most visited websites according to alexa.com.

1.    eastandard.net
2.    Nation.co.ke
3.    Strathmore.edu
4.    rich.co.ke
5.    safaricom.co.ke
6.    bdafrica.com
7.    accesskenya.com
8.    haiya.co.ke
9.    brightermonday.com
10.    stockskenya.com
11.    nationmedia.com
12.    Kenya-airways.com
13.    bestjobskenya.com
14.    wananchi.com
15.    telkom.co.ke

Well, ladies and gentlemen, those are the only Kenyan websites among the top 100. It is a huge improvement. Last time I checked there were only 9 of them!

Am looking to do a report on websites that are bubbling under – which have the potential to reach the top 15 in the next six months. I have no doubt that the organizations in the  list above have the resources and passion to remain at the top. Do you have what it takes to take the position of any one of them? Let me know!