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The world is coming to an end. I need to learn asp!

I’ve already started and have given myself six weeks to get up to speed and have started quite well. The first huge difference is the learning resources available on the net for asp. There is so much commercialization! Every tutorial that shows potential has an add-to-cart next to it.

I have to admit that I had a million questions. My question 1: Is it neccesary to develop in visualstudio or is dreamweaver okay to do fast/efficient work? i have both: i like the look/feel of dreamweaver better, also vs seems to be a cubersome mammoth of an application.

First, there are now express versions of everything which aint good for nothing except learning. You can take a look at this: http://www.microsoft.com/products/expression/en/web_designer/wd_free_trial.aspx Who wants to learn for the sake of learning? In Kenya we have a saying “Why hire a lawyer when you can buy a judge”. The VS 2005 express edition just aint for moi.

Research tells me that Microsoft has invested a lot in asp promotional material, so you find more links on migrating from asp to php than vice-versa. Stuff the platform producer itself publishes can be read with a grain of salt, and migration from asp 3.0 to php [url=http://www.sitepoint.com/blog-post-view.php?id=175686] does seem to make good sense[/url], although migrating to dot net would probably also make sense if it were only you who were involved. It also sounds like there are more and more people out there asking the same question, since php has zillions of legacy scripts that will still work in php5, and it remains a language with a pretty low learning curve when you start out, but still allows you to go all-out ‘enterprise’ OO when you’re ready for that kind of thing. This way of managing a web language makes lots of sense people-wise and business-wise!

Now imagine me trying to swim again the current, retrogressing … moving backward.
I choose to look at it this way- Microsoft deserves a chance. Having done so much it does actually deserve consideration.

I also think that asp.net-vb.net and sql server will open my world across whole new dimensions. System analysis comes to mind as there are still millions of servers running IIS and most people that can afford to pay for Microsoft licenses can afford to pay their software engineers well.

Lots of people compare asp & php and determine that php is better. The unfortunate thing, some say, is that there are a lot of people that don’t understand what asp is all about.

Usually, people who say that php is better than asp actually mean that php is better than VBScript. I agree with that, but asp is not VBScript. Its possible that asp is a far more powerful development tool than even most asp developers understand.

Because most asp developers don’t fully understand asp, they don’t utilise its full power. In fact quite often they blame asp because of its lack of power when really it’s their lack of knowledge that is at fault.
There’s a general misconception that asp is slow and not very powerful.

I found a post on webmasterworld.com that says: While it is true that there are a lot of sites that are badly written (In fact, I’d go so far as to say that most asp sites are badly written), it’s unfair to say that the asp platform itself isn’t very good. However, when used properly, asp is the best scripting based development platform around.

I cannot tell if that comment is true or not but Its possible that there is a little of both.
For now am stuck with a  few video tutorials.