Well, i have been quiet for the last few days as I settled in to my new job.

The going is very nice.

Welll, more about that later.

My beef right now is with One Telkom kenya of address telposta Towers, moi avenue nairobi kenya.

Their new advert- very nice, very african but TOTALLY UNKENYAN.

The idea of building a kite from different pieces of cloth is very unique and bring about the sense of ‘Together we can do more’. That is very relevant to Telkm Kenyas idea of bringing different solutins under one brand. According to the CEO, ‘Something like a supermarket’. There is nothing uniquely kenyan about people in a field flying a kite.

With this telkom kneya is setting itself up as an alien to the kenyan people.

How many kenyans own kites?
What is a kite?
What on earth is ‘bongolelas, bongolelas zungu zungukane’?? This is africa not some european audience who can be cheated that that is some african dialect!!!

okay … i know what a kite is but that advert does not reach us. but may be am wrong. Maybe.

The Communication commison of kenya has a new Publicity manager. Congrats to him.

I have been checking out your chukua hatua adverts and they are slammin! i have always been an advocate for consumer rights and i love your advocacy. we have been rippedoff too wrong.

kenya Power and lighting has a new graphics designer and I love him. Your yellow-blue advert in today’s nation was slammin!
i have a score card for you:
Font – 100%
Colours – 100%
photography – 85%
Relevance – 100%
Cash advantage – 75%

keep up the good work.

Mr. Alfred Mutua Governemnt spokesman aka media entreprenuer i salute you for bring the genre of action series to Kenyan television. This is one of many things you have done to make kenya a better place.

Now Cobra Squad, inaboo! The story has huge gaps, the speed is inconsistent and the action scenes could do with a makeover and I think I have a located for you.

The problem is in the first credits page:
Written, produced and directed by Dr. Alfred N Mutua.

Seriously daktari, you need to get some people to work with and it will help you avoid some glaring mistakes that are making some people start swithing channels.

You have set a standard and therefore whoever comes after you has to do at least twice better. That ‘twice better’ person can be you if you get someone to work with you and sort you out in some rough edges. No one can be perfect but you efforts have not gone unnoticed.