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I thought I was making money – I really was. After moving into my current job, some off the cuff assigments and there I was thinking I had it all figured out.

Until i met a former class mate of mine [university] and he told me he left his job because they were not paying him enough … and yes they were paying him more what I make! Guess its a good thing am moving to a new job and I need to do it fast.

I have decided to pursue the following two frotiers towards personal professional .
1. Job – A better paying job with FULL package benefits
2. Startups

the startups will be features priminently on this blog and your feedback, advice and support will be appreciated.

back to my peeps.

Some of my friends went to the Engineering side of what we learnt in campus and I hear they are bmaking beautiful cash in all ways. Telkom, Safaricom, Zain, Ericson, Huawei, Linksoft, and a hundred others that are making my former classmates rich.

Regular payment for a Bsc telecommunications is currently between 50,000 – 200,000. depending mainly on how big your parent company is. The bigger the better. if you are into transmission then your allowances for travel can be so good you never have to look at your salary again!

Then there is the IT lot. This is where yours truly comes in. payment can be anything! But i guess it depend on your competence and marketability of the skills you have developed.

The future for IT development is very bright and any ‘skilled’ person can make a living comforatably. I ded some interviews recently and it got me thinking anew the meaning of ‘skilled’. First; skilled is very different for Proffesional. Skilled has to do with the proven [.. not certified] ability to do an expert’s job.

Some interviews we did recently brought that out very well. Advice to anyone who ever wants to get employed: Never put anything on your CV that you cant defend. Then please have some ambition. Don’t say that in five years you want to be the best in that job that you are being interviewed for.