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but now that i am not; I will keep it short.

ZAIN should either get used to lagging way behind the market leader [Safaricom] or sell half its shares to an ex-government FAT-CAT.

Am writing this beecause am totally tired of your lack of vision, commitment to this coutry and your copy-pasting dverts from netherland to kenyan billboards. Please! Even the billboards deserve better adverts.  I think the main issue has to do with the following. The marketing manager of Zain Kenya reports to a guy somwhere in kuwait who cannot tell kenya away from Uganda. He thinks that all of africa will respond to an advert with clear blue skies and a pretty girl and nothing else.

Yes  I said it. Zain is failing miseerably. That is not in contentention. But my interest is more into why Zain is failing. her eis my wrap up:

  1. Zain has an exclusively Indian distribution base
  2. Zain is for Indians
  3. Zain adverts suck
  4. Zain is not kenyan. neither does it try to make up for that fact
  5. Zain is not run by people looking to make money – Zain is run by people with money to spend
  6. Zain doesnt care
  7. Zain can continue operating even if it makes losses for the next 20 years
  8. Zain advertising  . . . kenyans deserve much much better
  9. Zain does not have any serious cORPORATE sOCIAL rESPONSIBILITY IN kENYA
  10. Sameer is failing; Zain will Fail

Why sell to a government FAT-CAT?

  1. The fat-cat will bring his peopl to board the Zain bus
  2. the fat-cat has his people – who got him to parliament in the first place
  3. the fat cat can get gocernment biashara
  4. the fat cat will bring other fat cats to zain
  5. the other fat cats will bring their people to Zain
  6. The fat cat will genereat publicity for zain through fre news reports [Today at state house nairobi; the president entertained a delegation from fat-land who were led by their leader . .  the fat cat]
  7. the fat cat cann fight KRA
  8. the fat cat does not need to be paid – he is already fat!